• When I call for an estimate, what is involved? Do I need to be there?

    We always prefer to meet with someone who has knowledge of the job. Typically this allows us to obtain the correct information to develop the scope of work and the right pricing. We provide a written estimate that details the conversation around the scope of the work, including the associated prices. Estimates are free. We follow up to make sure you received the estimate, which is usually emailed.

  • Why do you request a deposit on work before it starts?

    Operating a company of any size requires cashflow and stability. In addition to that a deposit secures the project in the schedule. At any time prior to the project starting a job can be canceled or rescheduled. The deposit is promptly refunded in 5 business days or less. Scheduling is very important to us. Our aim to complete every job on schedule with our crew of talented craftsman. And, our team is in demand. We work very hard to be the best stewards of our talent and our customer’s individual schedules. The two-way street of working together has provided us long term relationships with many clients who know what to expect. They enjoy the communication, the professional crews, and most importantly the way in which their home or business has been enhanced with paint or carpentry.

  • Do you use subcontractor's?

    We do not use subcontractors for painting or carpentry. We hire full-time, career employees. We do not employ seasonal help either. Every hire is carefully considered for the long term. We depend on our employees to maintain our reputation for quality work and great customer service. This culture of excellence is trained and practiced every day. Over the course of time, we have many employees who have been with us for ten years or more. This brings us confidence for every job we send a crew out to do. They have received countless hours of training and practice, and are true professionals. The owner is pleased to know that a consistent experience is important to the client time after time. With over a quarter century in business, the use of subcontractor’s has always been a negative experience because much control is lost. This positive sense of setting expectations for the employees is what drives the energy and enthusiasm of the work culture here. There really isn’t any turnover, unless someone moves out of the area.

  • What brand of Paint do you use?

    Great question! Like cars, and all the manufacturer’s, so it is with paints. There are many levels of quality within one brand. We certainly have a few of our favorites that have stood the test of time. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are great resources for quality products. There are others like PPG and O’Leary that offer some good choices as well. We like to consider the project with the client and determine together what the best products are. We will never substitute an inferior product. Experience says that using the premium products the first time around is usually the best choice. Good paint is really not that expensive. What is expensive is using an inferior product which may require not only repainting, but repair, clean up, and additional costs that could have been avoided the first time around. Labor is what is expensive. Our talented staff knows how to use the right products to maximize your painting investment for the long haul.

  • Is power washing necessary?

    First, power washing is almost wrong by the title. The right type of washing involves using the right soaps, rinsing agents, and possibly hot water. Power washing should only be used on concrete or steel. Never on homes, wood, stucco, or other delicate items. We refer to it as a “gentle wash” or “give your house a bath.” That is the true cleaning process. Nobody jumps in a shower and turns the pressure up to 4000 PSI. It’s a process, warm the water, lather up, and rinse off. Not to be overly personal, but it is the same with cleaning properties. We have special equipment that includes a dedicated tank for cleaning soaps and rinse agents. We have another tank for water. We also have the capacity to heat the water, which usually aids the cleaning process. When we wash your property, you are receiving washing with science behind it. The owner was in college for chemical engineering. He knows how soaps, cleansing and rinsing agents, and water all work together. Not only that, the chemicals won’t harm your landscapes, our employees, or you. We truly have homes and business’s we maintain with washing periodically. The mildew is removed, algae and moss rinsed away, and the paint job is preserved for a few more years. The cost of a good wash is far less than a paint job. Plus, it’s healthy for the environment around your property to get rid of these air borne contaminants found in mildew, mold, and algae.

  • Can you paint vinyl siding?

    Yes, there are special paints for vinyl siding. There is also a technique, which is proprietary to our company. Specifically, vinyl siding expands and contracts. Care must be taken to place paint behind the intersection of siding panels so the contraction does not reveal the old color.

  • Do you warrantee or guarantee your work?

    Yes! Most work has a written two year warranty. Some specific types of jobs can have five and ten year warranties. Each job is specific. Ask the estimator what warranty is offered with your project.

  • Do you carry insurance?

    Absolutely! Federated Insurance is our carrier and provides¬† workman’s comp and liability insurance. Our worker’s and your property are protected by a robust policy. Incidentally, our workman’s comp record is one of the best in the industry with no recorded accidents or safety violations.

  • Do you accept credit card for payment?

    Yes! We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do prefer a check because we are charged a fee to process your credit card. We are grateful for your business, and if a credit card is what you need to do for payment we do NOT pass on the processing fees. We understand it’s a great way to earn points for rewards or other interests.

  • What do I do if I am not happy with the paint job, the process, or have a warranty issue?

    Great question! We beg you to let us know as soon as possible. We want to make it right! We prefer to know right away, not at the end of job. Contact the estimator or the office and we will provide a workable remedy as soon as possible. Our aim is that our clients are 100% pleased with the services they have received.

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