We paint Industrial Pipes, Waste Water Treatment Pipes, Sewage and Water pipes, associated elbows, lines, and equipment.

Additionally we paint trailers, truck bodies and frames, heavy industrial equipment, and mechanical boom lifts.

  • Sand Blasting

    We provide both shop sand blasting and mobile sand blasting. You name it, we have probably used one of our rigs on it for sandblast prep. And we can prime it and paint it after blasting. Our shop team can blast pipes, equipment, truck frames, ornamental iron and furniture and about anything else. Our mobile team can blast deep wells, concrete, steel railings, pits and tanks, steel structures, compromised steel deck ceilings, and many other things. We use a host of different blasting media depending on surfaces to be improved. Walnut shells, Garnett, Glass Bead, Steel, Soda, Coal Slag, and Plastic.

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  • Specialty Blasting Services

    This developing field is more Eco-friendly than traditional blasting methods. This includes Dry-Ice blasting and Wet Sandblasting. The use of this equipment greatly reduces dust and clean up time. If your project has concerns about dust containment or is environmentally sensitive,  contact us for information on how we can assist you with your project.

  • Industrial Pipe & Sprinkler Pipe

    Van Der Kolk and Kooi Painting sandblast and paint all shapes and sizes of industrial pipe and sprinkler pipe. We provide exacting SSPC blast levels measured for each individual piece, plus specific Wet Film and Dry Film Thicknesses. These are measured and recorded as required for our clients projects. Additionally, our experienced crew can turn even the largest of jobs quickly so the pipes can be put into service.

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  • Trailers & Equipment Painting

    We sandblast and paint trailers and equipment from small to large and simple to complex. We can save you thousands of dollars over the cost of replacement. The fact that we blast the old paint off and provide a surface profile for paint to stick to, special epoxy primers and paints that actually retard stone chipping and fragmentation, and your equipment or trailer will last for years to come.

  • Truck Body & Frame Painting

    Large Truck Frames and bodies take a beating on the road. Salt, gravel, wear and tear and soon the like new image is worn off. We provide expert cleaning, sandblasting, and painting that will provide extended years of service, maximize initial investments, and create the image you are looking for in your business or personal property.

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  • Heavy Industrial Equipment Painting

    Do you have a bulldozer, front end loader, farm implements or other large equipment that is looking shoddy? We can help provide the proper surface prep and painting to create your vision of nice looking equipment.

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  • Mechanical Boomlifts & Scissor Lifts

    Do you have a fleet of lifts that need painting? Or just one? We routinely maintain lifts for various companies at competitive prices. We know how to do these based on the condition of each lift. We know you don’t want it off rental for long so we can turn these around quickly too! Call for a quote or send pics and we can help you out.

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  • Press Painting

    Factories all around West Michigan have presses of many sizes and shapes. We have a quick process that degreases these machines. We then apply a quick dry industrial enamel that is high gloss and very durable. We can highlight all the safety colors as desired too. Best of all, you can put it into service the next day.

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