When you decide it’s time to paint your home, you want everything to go right. The right plan. The right paint. The right painters. With VanDerKolk’s unique mix of experience, skill, and dedication to our craft, we work with you to make sure it’s a great experience.

We start by listening. We learn about your needs and the scope of the project. What do you envision? What are your goals? Once we understand your needs, we provide a detailed estimate, with each element of the project described and priced. No confusion. No surprises.

All our painters are full-time professionals who are passionate about what they do. They are proud craftsmen who show up on time and work hard, with attention to detail and commitment to quality. Our high-performance painting products and materials, combined with our painters’ expertise, ensure a beautiful, on-budget outcome for you. And you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our crews are insured and your property is protected with liability insurance.

Every job has a crew leader who makes sure everything goes smoothly. Open communication is critical, so the crew leader will reach out to you at least twice a day to touch base and answer any questions.

When complete, the crew leader will review your project and make sure you are completely satisfied. Included with the final walk-through are your final invoice and a report card. We are working for all A’s.

  • Carpentry & Drywall

    Van Der Kolk and Kooi Painting offers full service carpentry and drywall installations. We repair anything minor like rotted wood siding or full scale remodeling. We have a line-up of full time carpenters and skilled craftsmen that have the ability to be creative with the most challenging projects, and yet care about the simple things that just need to get fixed. Our drywall crew can button up the walls and ceilings if they are compromised during installations, followed by our painting team to make everything look beautiful for the first time, or like it was originally intended.

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  • Pressure Washing

    Pressure Washing is the often overlooked service that can save thousands of dollars over the course of time. Many times our clients are sure they need a complete paint job when in essence their house or business needs a bath. We can professionally evaluate what is required and give you a written recommendation. Pressure wash every 1-3 years, depending on your location. Pressure wash when:

    • mildew present
    • oxidized paint is unsightly
    • sidewalks are green
    • paint is peeling from block, concrete, or steel surfaces
    • usually anytime before exterior painting to reduce additional prep work and prepare surfaces for good bonding with the paint


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    Pressure Washing
    three VanDerKolk+Kooi Painting employees with pressure washers
  • Paint Stripping

    We dip and strip anything. Doors, chairs, tables, even larger projects like boats, or marine parts. Historical doors and windows, furniture of all kinds, you name it we have stripped paint from it. And if you need it refinished we can do that for you as well. Give us a call if you need a quote on paint stripping.

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    Paint Stripping
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting

    Are you struggling with your kitchen cabinets? Too dark, too light, wrong color? We have helped many clients achieve a creative new look for their kitchen cabinets. There is more than just paint. There is multi-step glazing, distress, high gloss, matte, and many other finishes. PLUS, we can help with remodeling, countertops and tile too. Can’t fit the new fridge under the existing cabinets? We can help and make it look like it was planned perfectly.

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    Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wood Siding Restoration

    Wood Siding Restoration has many different levels. Do you have peeling paint that looks really bad? Does it seem to get worse every year? Or worse yet, you just painted it, but now it’s peeling within a year or two? Determining what to do can be challenging. We have different levels at different budgets, each having its own advantages. We can also replace siding that is rotted or beyond repair. In some cases with historical homes the original siding must be preserved. We have several systems that work well and provide beautiful and long lasting results. Contact us for information about a special primer we use that doubles the life of a paint job on the wood siding. Plus paint removal systems that protect you and our workers from the potential dangers of lead paint.

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    Wood Siding Restoration
  • Interior & Exterior Painting

    Whether you’re renovating or refreshing your home, we offer a turnkey experience, inside and out. It begins by learning about you and your vision for the project. We’ll consult with you on color to determine a plan that will bring your vision life.

    Your property and belongings are carefully protected. Inside, your furniture, floors, and possessions are safe. Outside, your gardens, sidewalks driveway, and lawn are free from damage, drips, and chips.

    Our professional painting crews thoroughly clean and prepare surfaces–patch and sand drywall, caulk, and prime. To ensure a beautiful appearance and long-lasting performance, we use only premium quality paints and materials on all types of surfaces—walls, ceilings, trim, and doors. We also specialize in staining or varnishing all wood species. If needed, we do carpentry repair of doors and windows.

    When our work is done, clean-up is meticulous, and we leave nothing behind.

    Our Work

    Interior Painting
    Interior Painting
  • Wallpaper Removal

    It’s a tough job, so leave it to us to ensure professional results. The technique we use to remove your old wallpaper depends on what’s currently on your walls and the nature of the surface underneath.

    After the wallpaper is removed, we skim surfaces to make them smooth and repair damaged plaster. Then we prepare walls for painting, or we’ll install new wallpaper.

  • Historical Home Renovation

    Keeping the charm of your historic home alive presents unique challenges. When it comes to painting, interior and exterior surfaces must be treated very differently from a newer home. Unfortunately, many contractors aren’t aware of requirements and best practices. Within a year—or even a month—the new coating will begin to fail.

    At VanDerKolk, we understand the science of paint failure. Our trained and certified professionals evaluate your surfaces and address your longevity concerns, budget, and other expectations. We employ a specialized system to safely and effectively remove old coatings, including lead-based paint. For repairs, we offer expert carpentry services. And we back our work with a five-year warranty.

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  • EPA Lead Certification

    VanDerKolk professionals have received the training and certification required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for all contractors and their employees who handle lead paint. We comply with all local, state, and federal regulations, and implement specific work practices that protect you, your property, and our employees.

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  • Shop Production Painting

    It can be less expensive and more efficient to finish and paint large runs of furniture, cabinetry, trim, case goods, and doors in our shop. Our large production area enables us to meet specified standards economically. We also store inventory of unfinished and finished goods until ready for delivery.

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  • Stucco Repair

    Repairing cracked, blistered, or damaged stucco can be a real challenge, especially if the stucco has interesting patterns and textures. In communities like Heritage Hill, East Grand Rapids, and Holland’s Historic District, we have extensive experience performing repairs that blend with existing surfaces and maintain the original look. At the same time, we improve the stability of surrounding surfaces.

    Our Work

    Stucco Repair
    Stucco Repair

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