The appearance of your facility says a lot about you—your brand, your character, your attention to the little things. To enhance and refresh your look, as well as meet standards, we offer a wide range of professional painting services that provide efficient and economical solutions.

Our full-time, experienced painters see each project as an opportunity to apply their skill as craftsmen. They are committed to providing residential quality work in commercial settings.

It can be a complex process. Every facility has unique painting requirements that demand a high level of planning, talent, and care.

We work in partnership with you to understand the scope of your project, assess solutions, and make decisions. We often recommend a pre-job planning meeting with all the important players to discuss the details, including building access, daily start and finish times, specific facility procedures, safety rules, and daily benchmarks.

To clearly define the project, we provide a thorough, detailed, and clear estimate that covers all the bases.

We assign a crew leader to each job for its duration to insure that all elements of the proposal have been met. The crew leader knows the project through and through and updates you daily to discuss progress and answer questions. We feel it’s important to keep communication flowing with your stakeholders, facility managers, and project leaders so everyone is on the same page, every day.

At completion, we conduct a final walk-through with you. Our daily quality control processes ensure few, if any, issues will arise. However, any touch-ups or other fixes will be made on the spot.

Most important, your project will be completed on time and within budget.

  • Factory Painting

    A successful factory painting project begins by consulting with you to understand the nature of your project, your schedule needs, and any constraints, such as working around large equipment and busy production areas—all while minimizing disruption.

    Industrial cleaning is often required before painting, and we use a variety of quick and economical methods. Sometimes professional cleaning can be the solution when you are on a budget and just want to improve your factory’s appearance.

    Our services include spray painting finishes for a wide variety of bar-joist and non-corrugated ceilings. At the same time, we’ll paint block walls. Our special production equipment paints tilt-up walls with ease. And for your machinery, we use a special sprayer to apply electrostatic paint.

    To accommodate your production schedules, we’ll work nights, weekends, and holidays, as well as during plant shutdown times.

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    Sand Blasting
  • Agricultural Painting

    Is there a tank, tower, or grain elevator you need painted? We have provided agricultural painting services for years. We are capable of sandblasting, water jet blasting, and other surface prep methods as required. We partner with the best paint suppliers in the industry like Sherwin Williams of PPG to provide the best protection available.

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  • Churches

    We have become very passionate about painting church properties and have worked with some wonderful committees over the years. If you have a tall steeple that can’t be easily reached, or simple classroom painting we can help you plan your budget. Entire sanctuaries, pews, and exterior projects have filled our schedule many times. Contact us to obtain a detailed quote and unique approach for creating a successful experience with your church painting project.

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  • Office Painting

    When you refresh your offices, it’s important to minimize disruption. We work closely with your project coordinator to develop a plan that is sensitive to people’s work flow and other office processes.

    Paint fumes can also derail office work. Our low-VOC coatings virtually eliminate unpleasant odors. At the same time, they outperform standard solvent-base coatings.

    Before painting begins, we consult with you regarding color placement and the most appropriate products. And we’ll take care of moving your furniture and modular office components.

    We handle all types of drywall repair and painting including ceilings and walls. We finish wood trim packages, hollow metal doors and frames, and acoustical ceiling elements. In high-traffic areas, we apply wear-resistant Zolatone finishes.

    In addition, we remove paper-backed and vinyl wall coverings and provide the necessary surface preparation to either paint or paper the walls.

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  • Exterior Painting

    Specialized equipment, effective surface preparation, and high-quality products are the keys to a successful exterior painting job. In choosing the best course of action, we thoroughly evaluate your conditions to determine the most appropriate solutions.

    We serve a host of commercial and industrial customers, including manufacturing, corporate, retail, agricultural, food processing, and institutions like churches and schools.

    Pressure washing is often a first step. Our self-contained washing rig is built for large jobs. We can bring our own water or hook up our hose to your source. For stubborn stains and more effective mildew removal, we heat the water. We also wash patios, walkways, and machinery. Our skilled operators provide the best quality wash using safe, biodegradable cleaning agents.
    Painting services include concrete block and masonry, stucco, steel, wood, smaller scale towers and tanks, and tilt-up concrete.

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  • Concrete Floors

    Before we apply a concrete coating system, we provide a free-on-site analysis of existing systems and provide recommendations based on usage data. Depending on your specific needs and budget, we offer a variety of solutions, including epoxy coatings, polyurea/polyaspartic coatings, concrete stain, and concrete polishing. We also repair concrete cracks and address problems in high usage areas.

    Our “quick-set” products allow your hi-los and other heavy equipment to operate within 15 minutes. We also offer a flint broadcasting aggregate to develop greater impact resistance, prevent slipping, and improve aesthetics and performance. To complete the job, we’ll add borderlines and safety stripes to define aisles and work areas.

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    Concrete Floors
    Concrete Floors
    Concrete Floors
    Concrete Floors

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