Like so many in West Michigan, my family is from the Netherlands. My great-grandparents came to America in the late 1880’s and raised their family on a farm in Jamestown. I was raised on that same farm. My childhood is filled with memories of cutting and bailing hay, raising 4-H steers, growing and selling vegetables at the local flea market, building go-carts and furniture with my Cadet leaders, walking my trap lines in the pre-dawn, coon hunting and milking cows.

After studying under the tutelage of a Master Painter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I returned to West Michigan and launched VanDerKolk Painting in 1991. My first projects consisted of residential exterior painting and just a few employees. The boom of the 1990’s left no shortage of work; and the business expanded to include new construction, commercial painting, and even more employees. Our projects now range from multi-million dollar homes, vast office complexes, industrial facilities, historic home restoration and residential repaints.

Our Mission

VanDerKolk Painting will provide superior painting services to the communities of West Michigan through an emphasis on customer service, craftsmanship, and unparalleled professionalism in the painting industry.

Our Guarantee

When the project is complete, you have the peace of mind knowing that we warranty all of our work.

Our Team

VanDerKolk Painting employees are full-time career painters, not sub-contractors. This enables us to have a much tighter control on our scheduling requirements, quality demands and who is actually on the job. We pride ourselves in the fact that our employees are the best in the business.

We provide on-going professional and personal training – such as details on customer service, new product training, and safety regulations. While helping my employees further develop their skills and talents, they gain an immense sense of pride for the work they accomplish each day. I know our employees are one of VanDerKolk Painting’s greatest strengths…and a significant reason for our long-standing customer relationships.

I enjoy meeting new people and making them happy with a great paint job. We always keep the same people on a job so customers get to know us and feel more comfortable.

Randy Kosters, Crew Leader
Professional experience: 30+ yrs

I take pride in my work and feel good about doing a good, thorough job. We do everything we can to make customers happy.

Jordan Oliver
Professional experience: 3 yrs

I really enjoy getting to know customers and doing the job to the best of my ability. I get to help transform a customer’s home and help them achieve exactly what they want.

Bradley Oliver
Professional experience: 6 yrs

I love painting. I can do it all day long. I like saying good morning every day to my customers, and I’m proud when I get a smile. Then I know I’m doing a good job.

Rafael Gomez
Professional experience: 8 yrs

I feel good about what we do. In combination with the guys, we make customers super happy.

Juan Perez
Professional experience: 2 yrs

When we do an estimate, customers know exactly what to expect. We listen and respond to them. Whether it’s a small or big job, we strive to set a standard above any other painting company.

Brian Searles
Professional experience: 20 yrs

I get to help people showcase the beauty of their home and bring their visions to life. I take pride in bringing a level of professionalism and expertise into each client’s home, and we’re always willing to go the extra mile to exceed their expectations.

David Dipzinski
Professional experience: 15 yrs

I do my best job all the time. Painting is always more than just painting, and we have everything we need to do a professional job. Customers are like my friends, and sometimes they give me a hug.

Luis Alfaro
Professional experience: 20 yrs

I love the look on people’s face when we turn a place around and they see the finished product. It’s an art. In a way, it changes their life. I’m always talking with them, always asking how the job looks so there are no surprises.

Kory Mulcahy
Professional experience: 10 yrs

We are craftsmen, and our attention to detail really pays off. It’s the little things you don’t always see that bring a place to life. Sometimes we even create a new tool to make it happen.

Travis Phelps
Professional experience: 3 yrs

We help the community, help it improve. I feel good about that, and I’m confident about what we do. The customers see that. And we always say, “Good morning, how is your day?” We always remember their names.

Emilio Sales
Professional experience: 1 yr

Painting is about transforming and changing to something better. I see the satisfaction in customers, and I enjoy getting to know them. We always ask how we’re doing as we work, because it’s better to have communication.

Aurelio Gomez
Professional experience: 5 yrs

Lots of people have had a bad experience with other painters. We turn that around. Our painters are employees, not contractors. They have a variety of skills, so we can meet all customer needs. We make customers feel comfortable.

Declan Mangan
Professional experience: 30 yrs

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