Community Day Vanguard Charter Academy

Community Day Vanguard Charter AcademyVanDerKolk + Kooi Painting recently volunteered for Community Day at Vanguard Charter Academy. Typically featuring a local professional, Tom VanDerKolk, owner of VanDerKolk + KooiPainting, spoke to the entire third grade class about the painting trade. But, it turned out to be more than just words. Mrs. Halka really wanted a wall painted blue to help compliment her sea life pictures. “A perfect opportunity,” reflected VanDerKolk, “to demonstrate how to paint and add some color to the room.” A bonus feature was Frog Tape was supplied for each student to take home for their own project. Shur-Tech Industries, a long-time associate of VanDerKolk supplied the tape.

The biggest surprise of the day was the question and answer session. One student wanted to know the scariest job ever worked on. Without hesitation, VanDerKolk replied, “My very first job, the one with a thousand pet snakes in a single house.” Is that really true, the students wondered and squealed in disbelief? “Yep, plus at least that many mice and rats that were used to feed them,” quipped VanDerKolk. True story! Thankfully the Community Day was not near as risky. And, Mrs. Halka received a beautiful blue wall for everyone to enjoy!

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